Sunday, 18 July 2021

New Email feed fully set up!

Dear All, but especially those who follow by email,

I've now switched the whole feed to as that seemed to be the best, and simplest option.  For some reason though, some email addresses didn't carry over so, IF YOU DON'T GET THIS EMAIL TWICE and just get it once on the old system, then please visit the blog and sign up through the new, blue sign up box to add yourself to the new list. :)  

If you did get this post through twice, once on each service, please don't worry.  I'll be deactivating the old list tomorrow, so this will be the one and only duplicate you'll get. has a number of options you can take advantage of, such as filtering for key words, accessing this blog (and any others you add to your feed) by other platforms including Telegram and so on.  I haven't explored it in great detail as yet.  Finding time isn't easy at the moment, thus my tardiness getting this done at all.

I have plenty of projects to post about, including my work so far on the Embroiderer's Guild intro/taster course.  And I'm excited to tell you that I'm planning to start on the Royal School of Needlework's Certificate in Technical Stitch online any time from late September on.  I'm on the waiting list to start the first module at the moment and am booked in on a preparatory day to help with the design of the Jacobean Crewelwork piece on 16 September.  I've been wishing I could do this programme for a long time, and now I can!  Whilst I get to blogging, you can see my latest work on Instagram, even if you don't have an account (although it's much easier if you do, of course).

Until next time, I hope everyone is well and coping as best you can under trialsome circumstances.  If you're getting bogged down with it all, I found a wonderful article with tips to help: How to Beat Pandemic Fatigue.

All the best! 

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Lyn Warner said...

Changing from Feedburner on Blogger has been a challenge for me too. I removed the widget from my blog and have set up my subscriber list on Mailchimp. To my amazement when I posted a blog, Blogger sent out emails to subscribers anyway. So far I have not found how to stop subscribers from getting an email from Blogger and an email from MailChimp.

Interesting article on surviving the pandemic and the accompanying demotivation, thanks.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi Lyn!
Yes, the change is, frankly, a pain!

Removing the widget only prevents new sign ups. The service would still be active. I don't know how you would get to it without access from the widget on your layout screen (someone will know, Google it, maybe?), but you need to deactivate the service on the actual list itself - where you downloaded it.

Hope that helps a bit. Sorry I can't be more specific. :(

Elizabeth Braun said...

Got it! Here's a link which contains info on deleting your feed:

Just scroll past the setting up on part to logging in to feedburner etc. :)

Rachel said...

Hmm, yes, *mutters imprecations in the direction of Blogger and all other confounding platforms*. I'm looking forward to hearing about the RSN course, though!