Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Sunday Yarn - 31 March 2013

Here is my latest baby knit finish, very likely 'the last in the present series', i.e. until any other babes are in the offing!!

I put off and put off doing the neckline edge on this one as the pattern stated to do the whole thing on one, straight needle, but I couldn't see that being possible as it would stretch the small space at the button band dreadfully.  So, I bought a 60cm circular needle and used that instead.  It took a while to get used to it and it still stretched a lot (I should have used a 40cm one, it seems), but I managed it in the end and the whole things was finished late this last week.

Below is a close up showing the yarn and the knitted fabric more clearly.

So, I don't know when my next yarncrafts post will be, but I think the next project will be to make myself a warm wooly, esp as patterns using the thicker yarns seem to require about the same amount of stitches and rows as a baby cardy in double knitting!!  I need to get hold of suitable materials and take it from there.

I'm pleased with all that I've learned in knitting over the past six months and I feel that I've picked up some really valuable skills that I can use again later on for practical things.  Let's see how soon I can get back to it...

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  1. Well done on completing your last baby garment - I'm sure the recipients will be delighted!

  2. 恭喜妳完成了這件美麗的寶貝毛衣!雖然我不會打毛線,但我可以想像這樣材質的毛線應該不好控制!或許受妳的啟發...我也要開始學打毛衣了?呵呵~期待妳下一個編織作品. judy

  3. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Absolutely beautiful needlework ~ love the color! ^_^

  4. Don't you feel baby garments are practical things?


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