Raised Embroidery and Stumpwork

Many visitors find me by searching for 'stumpwork', so here are the pieces I've done.  There are links to relevant tutorials with some photos, or you can see a list on the 'Tutorials' page.

DMC Bee Kit - see how to assemble the bee here and all the WIP shots here.

DMC Ladybird Kit, top view above and side view below.  See the project in progress here.

DMC Poppy and Beetle Kit, top view above, 'side' view below.  Click to see the beetle tutorial, how to make the wired needlelace petals, how to assemble the poppy and all the posts on this piece.

The DMC 'Butterfly' Kit.  You can see the progress posts, and see the tutorial on how to make the fabric based wired wings.

DMC Dragonfly Kit (slightly adapted from the original).  See the WIP photos, tutorial on padded raised stem stitch band (the turquoise bit), and how to put the whole thing together.

Bohwei and Marion's wedding ring cushion.  See the development of this piece from initial design onwards.

Bunny rabbit from 'The A-Z of Stumpwork'  Click to see WIP photos, and learn how to create the fluffy bits (ghiordes knot stitch/turkey work).

Wired Dogrose on a wedding ring cushion (full piece on 'Metallic Work' page)

Ladybirds and Co, learn how to make your own with my tutorial.

'Caleb's Strawberries' worked to my own design, but relying heavily on the instructions that came with the kit for the ring cushion above.  See how it was done here.

Luke's Damselfly, full frontal above and sideways on below, and WIP shots here.

Face adapted from an old Coats 'Card It' kit.  Make you own by using this tutorial.

'Branches of Your Life', a combination flatwork and raised work piece worked as a huge leaving card for a former manager.  You can see the development of this piece here.

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