All images and text on this blog are copyright and all rights are reserved.  Please do not re-publish or distribute my photos or text, including tutorials, without prior permission

You may, however:

* 'Pin' my photos to book-marking sites, such as Pinterest as long as you show clearly where it came from and, if you could also state that it is my work too, that would be most appreciated (and polite!)  As always, just ONE photo per blog post, please.  Some pinners have pinned each and every photo from certain tutorials.  This is not OK!  This blog is already free access and in the public domain.  There is no need to use every photo.  Please just pin the one picture that helps you remember why you wanted to bookmark the article.
* Post a photo - ONE photo - and a link to my blog or specific post on your blog or on a social networking site or discussion forum.  Again, please make sure that credit is given and an active, functional link to the original provided.
* Have thumbnail RSS feed pictures etc on your blog or site.

Please ask permission for ALL other reasonable usage of material including:

* Material for inclusion in print or digital publications, whether they are for sale or for free download.
* Use for any commercial reason whatsoever, such as on a blog, magazine or curation site which provides income from any source or an on-line shop (or shop's blog) using my photos as examples of a style of work or how a certain type of thread or bead could be used.  If you intend to use it to help you make money in any way whatsoever, you need to ask me first.  I may ask for a little something in return depending on the circumstances.
* Re-publication or distribution of any part or complete article, tutorial or other post for any reason, commercial or otherwise.  (This includes re-posting/'pinning' multiple photos elsewhere, with or without text.  You may only take ONE per blog post without seeking permission for any and all platforms and formats)  For instance, an EGA group member asked me for permission to use one of my tutorials for her chapter meeting including several members who live in areas with no internet connection (yes, such places exist!  I didn't think they did!), and it was given.  I'm quite happy with these things, but I'd like to be asked first.=)

Please never do the following:

* Have cached copies of my blog anywhere, including those image-free previews.  A screenshot is OK with a brief description.  You don't need to store the whole blog or any individual post as it is already entirely in the public domain, so links are sufficient.
* Re-publish my entire blog anywhere else for any reason! I asserted copyright on this blog to be able to combat people like that kind soul who stole the entire contents in autumn 2011.
* Use my material posted elsewhere such as on, who is a notorious copyright thief who brazenly steals others' photos, adds her own URL to them and then republishes them on her Russian language site, without any hint of the real source.  A few Russian sites are problematic in this regard, so extra caution is recommended in dealing with them!

Please note that these restrictions also apply to non-English language services.
Все фотографии и текст авторского права.
Please alert me if you come across any violations of my copyright!  Thanks.

How do I contact you to ask permission to use content?

I don't have an e-mail address readily available from my blog because I'd rather keep spam to a minimum.  However, all comments are immediately e-mailed to me, so, if you leave a comment with your own contact details on any post (you may prefer to use an old one), I will see it and respond.  If your e-mail address is already linked to a Blogger etc account, I should be able to reply without your having to post it in the comment.  If not, and you have to enter your e-mail, please be assured that I will delete it as soon as humanly possible so as to protect your privacy.  Do note, however, that I can only do this when I have internet access and, should I be away from home, it may take longer than the normal few hours.

Many thanks for your respect and co-operation!

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