Cross Stitch Pieces

How I love Blue-tits!  This is an Anchor design, which I found in an XS magazine and loved working.  Isn't the detail delightful?

Cross stitched narrowboat design that came from an old issue of 'Cross Stitch Crazy'

Derwentwater Designs 'Bluetits and Seedheads'

Derwentwater Designs 'Goldfinches and Thistles'

Derwentwater Designs 'Chaffinches and Blossoms'

Margaret Sherry's 'Cataflute' - HARD to stitch!
Sue Page's 'Tudor Lady' featured in World of Cross Stitching July 2002, issue 60.

I'm not a major L*K fan, but I loved the colours in this.  I trimmed the lettering down from 'Welcome all seasons'

Super cute and very English feeling - an autumnal field mice and blackberries piece from 'Cross Stitch Crazy'

Worked from a feature in 'Cross Stitch Collection' for my hubby on our 4th anniversary.

Worked for hubby on his MA graduation, Margaret Sherry's 'Clever' Catitude.

Worked for hubby's MSc graduation!  From a magazine, I think.

Worked in two shades of gold (although you can't really see here) from one of those reader request features in 'Cross Stitch Crazy'.

From an oriental feature in 'Cross Stitch Card Shop'.

Elizabeth's Designs 'Garden Gate'.

I love this as it has many of my favourite birds.  The design came from 'Quick and Easy Cross Stitch'.

From a Mary Hickmott planets of the solar system design.  Worked and mounted in a card for hub on our 13th anniversary.

From 'Cross Stitch Quick'

A Just Nan design.

From an oriental feature in 'Cross Stitch Crazy'.
Shame it's such a small photo - 'Chinese Junk' designed by whom, I've completely forgotten!

A wedding gift worked from a magazine design.

From 'Quick and Easy Cross Stitch'.

A design by Maria Diaz in 'World of Cross Stitching'.  I added Kreinik blending filaments to the bird.

From the first cross stitch magazine I ever bought - 'Cross Stitch Crazy' back in autumn 2002.

I have worked other cross stitch pieces over the years, including many bookmarks, more cards, needlecases and so on, but these are just some of the best.

© Elizabeth Braun 2010-2012


ManitoulinGirl said...

Wow, these are lovely. Great inspiration!

Unknown said...

absolutely beautiful work what a treat to view. i love love the leaves long and short.

Anonymous said...

Where do I find the pattern for the narrowboat?
I would love to do this one as I use to live on a boat.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi! As it says above, it was from an issue of Cross Stitch Crazy, but I don't recall which. If you want to give me your email (I won't approve it to publish, so it'll be safe), I can see if I have a digital copy around......