Trish Burr's designs:

See this piece in progress

See how it developed

The roses came from Trish Burr's book 'Long and Short Stitch Emrbroidery'.  The whole project also contains lavender from 'The A-Z of Thread Painting' and some of my own lettering.  See the series on the development of this project here

Helen M Stevens' designs:

'Painted Ladies' from 'Embroidered Butterflies'.  WIP photos here

Ornamental Pool from the 'Embroidered Gardens' masterclass book.  See the whole piece in progress and some close ups of various sections here.
Worked from one of the non-project pieces in Helen M Steven's 'Embroidered Flowers' and finished up into a cushion/pillow cover.  Sometimes it was quite hard going, as you can see here.

Worked from the first project in Helen M Stevens' 'Embroidered Flowers'.  See the whole process.

A Helen M Stevens Masterclass On-Line design.

A baptism card showing a combination of three elements by Helen M Stevens.

Others' designs (including my own):

Worked from the project in the RSN book - a monster that took a LONG time and for which you can also see the WIP series.  Thankfully, this was in the days before I 'moved up' to needle painting with only one strand.

Worked from 'The A-Z of Thread Painting', a design by June Godwin.  Whole WIP photo series.

Wedding souvenir cushion to my own design, adapted from the WhatsApp leaf spring emoji.  Follow how it developed in the WIP series.

My own design worked from a photo found on-line and you can see it in progress in these 3 posts.  Given as a wedding gift for the new couple's new home.

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