Counted and Drawn Thread

This 10th wedding anniversary card is an element taken from Victoria Sampler's  'Friendship Sampler'  design, which I also worked.  This has simple ribbon stitches as well the bargello heart.

I made a bellpull out of  Patricia Ann's Designs' 'Silver Frost' sampler.  It took many months of a bit worked here and there to complete and I changed the cool blues to warmer turquoise shades.

Victoria Sampler's 'Child of Spring' changed greatly from the silver and pastel shades of the original design to the reds and gold you see here.  I usually like VS charts, but this one was a beast to work!

I didn't actually work the majority of this one, but I did design and teach it and made it up into the finished item (as well as doing one or two bits that fazed the 11 year old who was making it for her brother's wedding).
Gift on my friend's wedding.  See the WIP post series.

This could be described as my very first piece - the needlecase I made for my mum back in class 3, aged 7.  I keep my overflow in it at the moment.

This is part of a sampler design by Patricia Bage in her book 'Beginners Guide to Drawn Thread Embroidery', a lovely publication I intend to spend more time with one day.

Here you can see that I did, a few years later, spend more time with this design.  I worked a whole bellpull with it.  See the post detailing the ups and downs of the project.

Three more bargello cards worked from the same pattern as the pink one above, but using different solid and variegated threads.

Adapted slightly from the Victoria Sampler 'Friendship Sampler', which contains the heart design you can see above in cards.

A rather ambitious sampler, 'Sunshine and Flowers', designed by Cross'N'Patch.  It was in progress for 18 months, but worked on actively for about half of that time.  WIP posts can be seen here

Victoria Samplers 'Thoughts of You' chatelaine design adapted into a bellpull and wedding souvenir.

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