Sunday, 21 June 2009

Some Finishes!

I may not have posted over the last fortnight, but I have been busy with the needles, so have some things to show you now!

First up is the completed goldleaf dragonfly design. I did get this finished a couple of weeks ago, but what with one technical problem or another (camera was taking really dark photos, Photoshop Elements stopped saving on the PC and so I couldn't edit anything to any good purpose etc), I haven't been able to get it to you until now. Here's both the full thing and a close-up of the flower centre etc, which was worked with bright check purl (aka chips) in both gold and silver as well as French knots in one strand each of pink Reflecta and gold Ophir.

And here's the initial response to it!!

This is DH's 10th anniversary card which I adapted from a strawberry circlet design in an iron-on transfer booklet and worked in Pipers silks on a piece of blue-grey Mulberry Silks silk fabric.

Last February I stitched a simple goldwork dragonfly on the most amazing piece of royal blue silk. One of my friends, Abi, admired it on my Webshots and since then I'd been looking for a suitable 'format' to give it to her in, but it was too big for a card etc etc. Well, she recently got engaged and so I used the pattern in the latest issue of 'Stitch' to turn it into a casket:

And filled it with chocolates:

Not very practical, but well receieved nonetheless!!=)

DH bought me a super-duper new digital camera for part of my anniversary present (the other part was some good quality watercolours, which I haven't tried out yet), and we also got me a new laptop (not an anniversary gift), so I'm back in business technology-wise and, yes, Photoshop is working just fine on here. Phew!

Over the next week I'm hoping to get the band sampler finished up as a bellpull and the Chinese dress design made up into a small cushion/pillow. I've also started another hardanger cushion/pillow cover on white Oslo fabric with Caron Iced Lavendar threads - pale pink and lilacs.


Love to Stitch 99 said...

Nice finishes. You have been busy lately with your stitching :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

Wanda said...

Wow! Great finishes. The dragonfly is beautiful...and the dragonfly for your friend's engagement. Filling the bag with chocolate...great idea!! ha ha Sounds like you certainly had a nice many presents! Good for you!

Umi Ismail said...

hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I love the design on the card.That was gorgeous!
And u're really good in stumpwork!I haven't done any lately as I'm too busy with my ribbon embroidery .


Heidi said...

I love dragonflies! Very pretty.

Blogger is free until you reach your 1024MB (I think that is right) limit. You then would have to pay a yearly fee for more memory. I am far too Dutch I think and just cannot see paying for something I used for free since 2005/2006. If you are only at 4% when you download a photo, you have a long time to go yet.

Hugs ~

Carmen said...

beautiful finishes, i love the dragonfly, both.

Anonymous said...

Love it all. I am spending a bit of time catching up on what everyone has been up to and then I too am going to sit and stitch.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your latest finishes are absolutely stunning - I especially love the two dragonflies, and the bag inparticular is to die for! :D

parasols and maryjanes said...

I just found your blog from Needle N Thread. Your work is breath taking. Thank you for these recent images. Oh, my.
I'm just returning to embroidery, and I have so much road to travel, but even the simple provides much enjoyment. You will encourage me.
Carol R