Tuesday 19 April 2011

Stitching for Men - Part 3

OK, here we go with the third instalment of my showcase of things stitched for men. Today I'm showing the hardanger cards I've done for blokes over the years. These are all exclusively for a chap, not for a couple (as are all the items in this series.)

This last one was a fairly large scale piece mounted into a card that dozens of people signed.

Hardanger is a good, geometric technique that lends itself well to masculine sorts of things and appears to be 'technical' enough to be impressive even to our menfolk!!=)

I won't post the photos again, as they're already on show generally, but the raised work damselfly in the header was also done for a man, as was the stumpwork strawberry card and the 'tree' card you can see on the My Own Designs, Stumpwork and Masterpieces pages.

PS I've added two projects to the 'Forthcoming' page here on my blog. One is a drawing I did - so my own design this time - and it's to be done in rayon and silver goldwork threads, a heart design for a Silver Wedding card. The other is a Helen M Stevens design I've been wanting to do for years and have now thought of someone to do it for.=) The carriage returns problem seems to have resolved somewhat too - which is a great relief. Still some hitches (such as returns now going in all over the place (as usual!!) and being signed out everytime I view the blog), but more workable post-wise now.


Anonymous said...

Yes, hardanger is a good, "strong", almost graphic technique that would appeal to a lot of men, I think.

I'm sorry to hear of the technical difficulties you've been having - as though life weren't complicated enough already!

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Hardanger is so beautiful

Anita said...

I agree with you,hardanger would appeal to men may be because of the geometric designs and no flowers :)
Your needle case is lovely!