Friday, 28 September 2012

Big push to catch up on TAST - Weeks 17-29

I've decided to really get back down to TAST and get caught up as far as I can.  The last time I posted was for week 16 and this has been week 39, so you can see just how far behind I'd got!  Anyway, as it happened, I'd already stitched some samples for weeks 17, 18 and 19, had some older pieces that would sub for weeks 20 and 24, there was no week 23 and I didn't like or want to try the stitch from week 22, so that left only five samples to do today and two photos to show you.

Here's the first, my trusty piece of 14ct cream Aida that I've been using up for this challenge.  Ignore the twisted and alternating chain stitch samples at the top left as I've posted those before.  Directly under those are three types of wheatear stitch (wk 17), which I liked very much and saw quite some potential for.  I did the band version, the isolated stitch version and then an upside down one called tête de beouf stitch, all of which I can see myself coming back to.  Under that you can see two lines of crossed buttonhole stitch (wk 18) and then one of half chevron stitch (wk 19), neither of which inspired me greatly.

Moving on to the right hand column and we start with butterfly chain stitch (wk 21), which I struggled to get right, as you can see from four of the six sheaves, and then two rows of cable stitch (wk 25).  I liked this one quite a lot and can see how I might use it.  The second row I did with the horizontal stitches the same length as the full frontal ones so as to look like a real chain in terms of scaling.  This would look great in metallic threads, esp gold or silver.

Next down is palestrina stitch (wk 26), which I managed to work out OK and that could have something to do with it being in the Country Bumpkin 'Embroiderer's Handbook'.  I refer to this book if possible - its step-by-step photos and very detailed instructions are marvellous.  Then we have bonnet stitch (wk 27), which I had to refer to my Mary Thomas book for.  I often find that one harder to follow than the CB one (sometimes impossible) and, as you can see, it took a few tries before I sussed it out.  Next is up and down buttonhole (wk 28), which I followed Sharon B's stitch dictionary page for.  It took a while to figure that out too, but now I see it OK.  Lastly, there's basque stitch (wk 29), which I also rather liked and was able to use the MT book without any hiccups for.  I have ideas for this one too....

This second photo is a close-up of one I showcased for week 15, when French knots were the order of the day.  Quite apart from the bullions I've done recently on my Brazilian piece, here are some more in observance of week 20, and you can see three and a half (can you spot the half??) lilac buttonhole wheels as well to cover week 24.

Next Friday I hope to post all the stitches from weeks 30 to 39 (9 in total as week 36 was a break) or at least some of them.  After that, the plan is to keep up each week and, where possible, to try and work a more interesting, pictorial sample featuring that week's stitch with some of those from previous weeks that I feel have some mileage in my style of work.  Many of the band stitches have limited usage for me, although are wonderful for crazy quilters for seam treatments.  I'm interested in that sort of work and hope to get to it soon, but, for now, I'm still thinking general freestyle work with a distinct bias towards pictorial things.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2012


Rachel said...

If I were doing TAST, I don't think any of my stitch dictionaries would ever return to the shelves!. There's always one where the diagram doesn't help as much as it should, isn't there!

JudyC said...

加油加油加油!!! TAST!!!
相信如何運用這些基本針法在作品上才是重點!妳的設計很棒!喜歡妳的配色!!! :-) judy

latha said...

Your work is beautiful !!!!! Colours used are too good. Love to see more of your work in the weeks ahead.

sharonb said...

Great to see you back doing TAST - good luck with the catch up!

Leelagovind said...

always love your works..bookmarked and have been trying to learn each work....very happy to see you in pintangle..:)

crazyQstitcher said...

Good to see you catching up Elizabeth. Nice samples. I was surprised you didn't do the Knotted Cretan.
Love your floral spray.