Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Sunday Yarn - 16 December 2012

Today we proudly announce:


OK, not 100% finished, as I've yet to buy and attach some buttons and it could use a press etc too.  I'm hoping to get some slightly novel ones, maybe flower shaped, but it's getting something both small enough and without any sharp edges that little Vivienne (I don't know yet how they're spelling it, but this will do as a guess for now!) could hurt herself on.

Here's the process of picking up and knitting all the borders.  First I'd to part assemble all 5 pieces and then pick up along the cast (bound) off edges.  Here's a terrific video on picking up and knitting stitches on YouTube.

When that was done, the right hand border came next including the buttonholes.

Then, finally, the plain left hand border. I don't know why, but I struggled to pick up as many stitches on this side and actually ended up with six fewer than on the right hand border.  I doubt it matters though.  I do wish I'd got one or two lower down though as it looks a little bit 'pulled' up to the border from the edge of the front pieces.  You can see the 2mm crochet hook I used to pick up the stitches in this shot.  The yarn is quite fine (4 ply) and the stitches quite small, so I really couldn't put the knitting needle through to pick them up that way.

There's nothing like enough yarn left for me to attempt any of the other things on the pattern (mittens etc).  In fact, I was quite tense to see if it would even stretch to finishing the cardy itself as I only had two balls and I did a size that said it needed three.

The green cardy is also now complete, but I'll save that to show you next week.=)

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Rachel said...

Well done!

margaret said...

a great little cardigan now take a bigger step and maybe knit one for yourself, they are much warmer than shop bought ones

Caroline B said...

Well done! There are lots of cute little novelty buttons around - I am sure you will find something to suit.

Emily said...

Very nice work! :) Glad you had enough yarn to finish it!!!