Wednesday 12 June 2013

Assembling the stumpwork dragonfly

It's finally complete! The dragonfly is done and today I share with you how the last stages were done.

First I covered the last of the padding stitches with satin stitch in two strands, making the far left hand side considerably narrower to form the head.

Next I added two beads for the eyes.  I still feel these are a little large for the context (actually, the whole insect feels much too large for my comfort), but the ones supplied with the kit were even larger, so it could have been worse!
Following on from this stage was adding in the legs and one or two other parts in Kreinik Cord.  I used the grey-ish brown shade here.

I also added in one or two stitches in dark grey on the tail area in keeping with the real thing - as seen in my good old Brtitsh Wildlife book.=)
Last of all, the wings were attached using the method detailed in my tutorial on assembling a wired stumpwork flower.
And here is the whole finished item from two angles:

So, that's the last of the old DMC stumpwork kits worked up.  I'm glad it wasn't the first one I tried, or it might well have been the last!  The other four were far better.  The designs and instructions were superior and truer to life.  Yes, I know there can be a good deal of artistic license with stumpwork, but I personally feel that the scale inequalities and so on that are part and parcel of the traditional raised work style are more fitted to figurative work, i.e. pictures that look rather like 17th century pieces.  Many modern designs are much more realistic and that's the type of raised work I like best.

What's coming up next?  I've made a start on the first of four bookmarks that are to be gifts for my in-laws and another couple when we're in Germany next month.  They'll all be counted work, which will be nice for relaxation.=)  After that, I need to do two silver wedding cards, both of which will be 'gold' work and freestyle - probably silver hearts with various filling elements and also to finish Sir's anniversary present, which I wasn't able to get done in time to give him this morning.=(  The sampler is coming to Germany with me and I hope to make considerable progress on that there and then I can look at some fresh ideas.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2013


Suztats said...

It's stunning! Love the wings.

Rachel said...

I see what you mean about the eyes - I wonder whether French Knots in a metallic yarn might have been better?

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Gorgeous! And those eyes are huge! I love the colors, and have never seen a blue dragonfly as ours tend to be orange.

Berenice... said...


Rachel Cotterill said...

That's amazing. Just gorgeous :) We often get dragonflies in the garden, though it's been a little while since I saw any... maybe they don't like this heat.

Rene Sears said...

I love this dragonfly! He's got a lot of personality. Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

Un lavoro meraviglioso...complimenti.
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zenuwpees said...

Beautiful blog congreatulation Marie-Claire (Belgium)

Lins Artyblobs said...

It's beautiful, love the wings.