Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - 20 August 2014

I'm taking a blog writing break just now.  No, not a break from blog posting, but a break from proof-reading a chapter of Sir's doctoral thesis to write my blog!!=)  It's not time for a holiday from my blog just yet.  I might take a week off every quarter or so.  At the moment though, I've too much to show to want to get that far behind with posting.

I've been working a little on the Paradise Island cross stitch and there's still not so much to see.  The first picture is how far I got on the last day I posted about it, a week ago.  The second one is after two  more sessions' work.  It looks a bit like a map at the moment.  The 'V' at the bottom left hand side reminds me a bit of the outline of India on a proper globe, but the wrong colour, of course!!

This piece is the complete opposite of the Tudor Lady.  This piece is whole cotton cross stitches only, whereas the last one was cross stitch, petit point, satin stitch, beading, rayons, metallics and what have you.  This is simplicity itself and will make a nice change to stitch.=)

As always, head over to Pintangle to see what the rest of the WIPW-ers have been doing.

There should be a tutorial coming up this weekend!  I'm just going to make a start on writing it/preparing the photos, so look out for that, Friday or Saturday.=)

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Renee said...

I love watching a cross-stitch come together! I look forward to seeing it again next week.

Rachel said...

Whole cross stitches in a single type of thread will seem ridiculously easy after the Tudor Lady - a quick, cheerful, project!

Queeniepatch said...

Indeed, the cross stitch so far looks like a map. Very interesting to give the areas names and think up what languages the inhabitants might speak!

zenuwpees said...

Belle avancé de la broderie Marie-Claire