Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - 29 Oct 2014

Here we have my one picture for this weeks WIPW 'challenge' as far as my pretty 'Paradise Island' goes.  I haven't got much done, but, to be honest, stitching isn't featuring high on my agenda at the mo.  Things are a little stressful, what with one thing and another - mostly connected with looking after Mum and how things will go in the medium term (she won't be around in the long term, that much is clear), as to where we need to be living etc.  So, things may not be as 'active' on blog as I might like over the coming few weeks or months, but there are plenty of other blogs to read if I'm quiet for a while. =)  I really don't get why readers unsubscribe if a blogger doesn't post a certain number of times per week.  I was 'talking' (by e-mail) about this with Sharon of Pintangle where WIPW is hosted, and she finds that her readership drops if she posts less than four times per week.  I've noticed a similar thing here. Now, if these were paid for subscriptions, I could understand people unsubbing, but as it's all free, it seems odd to me.  Maybe I'm easier to please!!LOL!  Well, in some things, anyway.... =)

I'm really not getting along well with my other piece, the 'Painted Ladies' butterflies picture.  I can't seem to get into it.  Having said that, I don't feel up to more challenging needlework at the mo, thus cross stitch getting more air time.  However, I don't have the luxury of choice with this one as it's really needed by the end of the year and I just must get on with it.  That being the case, I'm moving it into the WIPW slot as I like to have something to post about here!!!

Here are some more of the berries filled in, but not filled in terribly well, I think.  I just can't seem to get my stitches to look like Helen M Stevens'.... =(  Still, they'll look better with stems and 'trims' etc and, of course, as part of the full piece, so I'm not going to re-stitch them, I don't think.

I bought my ticket for the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show yesterday.  One can get e-tickets these days, but I was sorry to see that part of the advantage to buying well in advance, namely the £2 cheaper ticket has been swallowed up by the fact that Twisted Thread are now charging a £0.95 booking fee for advance purchases!  Whatever next??

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jackiescrafts said...

I love how your cross stitch is coming along and I'm looking forward to seeing your other picture progress too.
I'm sorry to hear your mum is unwell and at the end of her time, I hope you can work things out and spend as much time with her as you can
Take care and don't worry about how often you blog you have to do what's right for you and if others don't like it it's too bad.
Jackie x

iHanna said...

Embroidery on black is so looovely!

Renee said...

I think both projects are gorgeous. The black background really makes the colors pop. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

The butterfly pic is going to be gorgeous, I can already tell - silks against black? How can you go wrong?

Odd re: unsubscribing behavior . . . As slow as my internet connection is, I'd much rather have REAL CONTENT once a week (or month) than multiple posts just for the sake of posting, so I'll stay subscribed . . . 'course, I'm 52; maybe younger people need more stimulation . . . [end snark].

Anonymous said...

OK, there should have been a winking emoticon in my comment! I'm gonna replace this laptop, someday; it doesn't wait for orders . . . meanwhile, best wishes for your family situation.

Queeniepatch said...

Embroidery on black foundation fabric make the stitches stand out beautifully.
You need to spend time with your mother rather than please blog subscribers. I'll read every post you publish be it once a day or once a month.

Wendy said...

You've made great progress on the cross stitch, cross stitching is not a quick pursuit. I love the embroidery - the colours are wonderful.

When you say your readership drops, do you mean page views or is this actually "followers"? That seems crazy. I unsubscribe from a blog if they haven't posted in months, but some of the blogs I follow only post once a month or so and it doesn't make any difference to me as I use a reader.

Rachel said...

I long since decided that I don't understand the rest of blogland. Like your other commenters, I'd rather read a proper post once a month than "fluff" every day. Again, though, I use a feed reader, so I get everything and can read when it suits me..

D1-D2 said...

Sorry to hear your mom is not doing well.

I actually look forward to your posts. The only time I unsubscribe from a blog is when the content starts really deviating from needlework or the blogger hasn't posted in several months. Sometimes if I find a blog I like, but the blog is inactive, I'll subscribe anyways just to get notified when they start blogging again.