Monday, 4 July 2005

Getting there, getting there.....

Almost completed the bottom half of the Chinese Junk picture. The chart is in two halves so I thought I'd complete one half before moving on to the next. Gives a sense of achievement too! So, I'm pleased with progress this weekend as I'd set the target of only finishing the mid-blue on the bottom half, but I did that by Saturday evening and went on to do the pale blue as well as starting on the black scroll work. Should be all done this week.

No intellectual work done this weekend, but I didn't expect to. Plenty to do from today until Thursday though. I hope to have a few smaller things totally done and off the list. I counted 17 projects of both types altogether. 2 are finished, 3 are almost done and another 2 are in progress, so not bad! Of the others, 5 aren't really promised anyway and 2 others aren't urgent, so life is looking brighter and stress levels are coming down. It's working! Hurrah!=)

I decided to work on only one stitching project at a time, so the dog won't be coming out for walkies until the Junk is completed and away for framing. I'll be listening to the complete Pimsleur Mandarin course whilst working on the doggie, so I can resurrect/practice my Chinese at the same time. There are 45 hours worth of tapes altogether..... Multi-tasking rules, OK!

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