Friday, 12 August 2005

Four new cards!

So, here are three bargello heart cards, all stitched with Anchor pearl cotton #5 and co-irdinating Caron Watercolour threads.

Here's another one embellished with some ribbon and bead-work. Not sure what this one will be used for yet, as the engagement I've made it to congratulate, might not have happened! If it has and I'm told, I'll send it!!!!!!

None of them mounted well as they were done on Bellana fabric which warps and pulls like mad. Haven't put so much as a single stitch into anything since last posting. Been busy doing happy housework and clearing out my wardrobe and making space for new things....... (I should be so lucky!)


Barbara said...

Nice to see a new posting from you. Lovely hearts, too!

Jersey Mom said...

Oh they are lovely!

Lelia said...

What sweet hearts! Nice job on the color selection ; )