Thursday, 16 February 2006

Thread Fetish!

Here are some of my latest stash buys:

The Helen M Stevens' Pipers silk Project Palette plus the Black & White Essentials pack, (both colours in regular and very fine guage), several packs of beads and trimmings from Mill Hill and some goldwork threads which cames from Dinsdales Embroideries last week. Excellent service there and good value stuff too. I paid about 3 times as much from a shop for some Bright Check Purl stuff last time! In future, I go to Dinsdales and recommend them highly to anyone wanting goldwork threads, (which they do in gold, silver and copper shades), as well as other types of threads.

Thanks Mylene, things are OK. Life is well, umm, interesting right now!!!!! I'll be fine though and am keeping cheerful as always. Well, too cheerful!!!!!=)=(


Dawn said...

Oooo they look wonderful!

Have a great weekend! :)

Von said...

What an amazing array of thread!! Just gorgeous! :D

Barbara said...

What wonderful threads!!!