Saturday, 8 April 2006


I can see the floor in my bedroom! Look at these before and after shots. This first one is from late last year before I started the clear-out, and the second I just took a few minutes ago.

It took a long time and a lot of work sorting out all this junk and putting it, not just in another temporary parking spot, but actually dealing with it once and for all. YIPPEE!

Now then, on the stitching front: I haven't backed the bookmarks yet, but I am going to as it protects the embroidery from picking fingers, accidents and other such horrors as well as giving a nice bit of colour through the cutwork and just finishing the whole thing off neatly. Also, I noticed that I actually snipped one of the edging stitches on the white one, (which is for DH, who collects bookmarks), and so need to repair that. Someone on a hardanger newsgroup assured me that it can be done and so I've fished out a piece of scrap fabric to practice on first.

Made a start on Hongda and Ke's 'wedding' gift and here it is so far:

It's adapted slightly from the chatelaine design on the Victoria Sampler 'Thoughts of You' pattern, which definitely came from you, Petra!! You're the only one whose ever bought me VS designs and I know I haven't bought any myself - yet! More on that one soon, no doubt.

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Von said...

Hurray, Elisabeth! I know what a major accomplishment taking care of all that stuff was. I have a similar project waiting for me in my bedroom. But that's the room that can always wait, lol!