Friday, 12 May 2006

Some Photos

Here's the latest on the Victorian Pansies bookmark as promised. I've done a bit more since I last mentioned it. In fact, the XS is almost completed and certainly will be this afternoon. I have LOADS of housework to do, but I'm having such a hard time sleeping at the, that I feel just too much like a zombie to manage much physical stuff. Ugh!

Also on display today are the latest buys. I won this blue tit XS kit on E-bay. Had to bid for it as I just love blue tits. Haven't a clue where or who to stitch it for, but I can't resist the things!!! Alongside that is the 17" R&R Craft frame which I really need for larger hardanger things such as cushions and so on that are really too big to fit in the 14" one. Speaking of which, the green #5 pearl cotton is for the cushion that I started and goofed, thus having to take most of it out again. I needed another skein so that there's going to be enough to finish it!! And I will count very carefully this time, you can be sure of it! The fabric is ½ metre of antique white Jobelan (28ct) which is to be for the bird XS pics for our bedroom.


Barbara said...

Great eBay wins, and a beautiful bookmark!

Bastet said...

Pansies are one of my favorite flowers, so of course the bookmark looks fab. The blue tit looks like it will be a good stitch.

Lili said...

I love the birds! I have one of those frames, and I like it a lot!
Your pansy bookmark is already looking great! I have pansies in my garden all winter long. These flowers are so strong, yet look so fragile...
I have just e mailed you, but I'm not sure you did get my message.
Lots of hugs!

Shell said...

I think the frames are great to work with too.The birds looks like nice colours to work with.