Friday, 23 June 2006

Bathroom Done!

Here's the final status on the bathroom. As with the kithchen in the post below, the paint colour will be changed as I don't like magnolia much at all, but esp. not with green tiles! The poor lady next door chose the blue tiles for her bathroom and has been lumbered with magnolia walls too, so I hope someone is going to help her re-paint with something more suitable as well. They didn't even use kitchen and bathroom paint, and you can really tell when you get some water on the wall, (common near the washbasin).

We moved back in last night, got the bedroom workable and I'll re-start on getting the living room up and running over the next couple of days. Photos of those are on the Webshots.

(Skip the next bit if you don't want to read me getting some ranting off my chest!)

One of the reasons I am just SO glad to be back here is the noise at mum's! Hard to believe when we live in a tower block and her in a nice, private semi-detached house, but she has an electric guitarist living next door. Now, electric guitar is not my favourite instrument. I don't mind it in regular sorts of modern music, but it's the yowly solos that I find, frankly, stressful. Well, this lad has the corresponding bedroom to the one we were using, so whenever he started to play, we had the full benefit of it. And it went on for hours on end! I didn't mind on the very odd occasion that he played softly and something pleasant to listen to, but most of the time it was that horrid, showy stuff that sounds like a cat fight. The irresponsible, inconsiderate little oik had his amp jacked to the ceiling too! You could often hear the volume actually going up during a note, (so he clearly increased it at that point), and you could even hear the feedback from the amp next door, it was that loud! How his family put up with it, I simply cannot imagine and I was glad, on our last night there, to go 'round there and 'petition for a bit of peace and quiet'. The self-important little pratt just looked at his watch, (it was already after 9pm and he had been at it for most of the pm that day), and said, 'No problem.' I wish I'd said at the time, 'Yes matey, it is a problem. It is a problem when I can hear you in the next house, when I can hear you all over the next house and I can even hear you in the street. It is a problem when your amp has a volume control and that you are so blatantly inconsiderate and have a family that are so stupid that they don't realise that this noise is going to annoy the neighbours and don't put a stop to it. I find that a very big problem indeed, so don't you be so blooming smooth and pseudo co-operative with me, you long-haired yob! If I had your guitar to hand right now, I'd break it over your silly head and throw your amp through your window.'

Ugh! How much I hate people like that who are so self-absorbed that they can't think beyond their own little world and what they want. I mean, surely it's obvious that noise on that scale is plain inacceptable? My mum just turns her telly up, but when you're trying to chill out after a long days' renovation and cleaning up, the last thing you want is boy prodigy next door forcibly showing you how good he is at the nasty solo bits. Yack! Just you wait until I get my cello, little matey! Then I'll go to my mum's, go into our old bedroom and practice my scales and arpeggios as loud and as off key as I can possibly manage just to give you and yours a taste of your own medicine. And just you try and complain and see what colour of gobful you get in return. PAH!

And I bet his family just let him get away with it out of indulgence. You see he has/had ME just like I had, so he's probably one of those who has a family that let him have everything he wants, just because he's ill! I suspect his trigger emotion is anger and that he works it through by howling via the leccy guitar. Well, I sympathise with the illness, but I don't support the treatment! Families who treat their sick kids as if they were to be indulged to the n-th degree are just setting themselves up for a load of trouble and are not teaching their kids anything remotely useful. They just teach them that they can do whatever they like, whenever they like, that they are not to blame for anything and that, basically, the world owes them a living. Instead of teaching their offspring to behave maturely and responsibly, parents like these (along with those who always side with their kids, no matter how vile said kids have been) just breed big-headed delinquents - just like the indulgent Chinese parents who give their only son everything he wants, the modern 'Little Emperor' syndrome. Well, parents of sick kids can be guilty of creating their own little monsters when they ought to be helping them.

OK, I needed that!=)

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Von said...

I'm thinking the boy won't hear your cello as his hearing is already compromised by his own guitar and amp!

Glad the reno is complete and you can get your life back to normal. :D