Thursday, 15 June 2006

Day 10

It's Monday, day 10 (counting in the weekend this time as work was done by us both days unlike last weekend), and let's hear it for the new shower!

Other than that, we've just got on with the re-decoration prep and also a lot of cleaning up. EVERYTHING is filthy and the ambient dust was dreadful. I managed to clear the air in a few room by opening windows, vacuuming fiercely and doing as much wet cleaning as I could. We bought paper for the study wall, new cornicing for the bedroom and some paint for ceilings today as well as other bits and pieces. Here's the study pre-paper stripping, but Martin finished clearing the old paper off the study wall and did a bit more filling in there.This is what the hall looks like - just so you have an idea why we're still at mum's...

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Dianne said...

I can relate to remodeling myself. We did our kitchen in late April and we are finishing up the backsplashes and Home Depot did most of the other work.
Yours is looking so shiny and new!