Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Day 3 - Re-wiring nightmare!

Ugh! Look what they've done to our home! AAAARRRRGHHH!!!

This nasty trunking stuff is supposed to be for industrial premises, not for domestic use! The Council's specification, apparently, was to leave all the wiring on the surface, 'so that they can get at it easily'. Man! Since when would they need to? If something goes awry, it's usually at one end or the other, not the wire itself. When telling the sparkies that we intended to sink it all in, they couldn't think why - until I asked them if they would want this in their home, that is!! People get the point PDQ when asked that!!!

Look at the kitchen wall! Well, at least the wiring has been sunk in here and it will all be re-plastered tomorrow.
Anyway, Martin lost no time in starting to sink the wires into the walls and ceiling.... We thought we'd just stay one night at mum's (we went there last Sunday night so that all could be ready for the sparkies at 8am Monday morning), but looks like it might be a bit longer a stay than that.....

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