Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Day 6 - Noise attack!

Day off from outside workmen, but today Martin hired an electric chisel and did all the drilling out for the sinking of the new wiring, light switches and power points. Just as well there was no-one else working in here with us as the noise was horrendous at times! The site manager and some of the other outside workmen came in to look at what we were doing. They didn't know what all the noise was!!! No photos taken today, but here are some of the mess in the other rooms and that we are having to work around.

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Von said...

Oh Elisabeth! What a process you've had to endure! I do hope this mess is over soon and life returns to a normal routine again.
Your kitchen cabinets look really great! The smallness brings back memories of all the small kitchens I've had over the years. With all the bodies in my house now, I'm grateful for a larger kitchen. :D