Monday, 26 June 2006

Good News!

Wow! I finally managed to get to talk to the lady who sent us the letter about the wiring business and, well, she's human! She'd spoken to the chap who'd come out and refused to pass the work on Friday and he said that, in view of all the work we'd done, if we could get a proper certificate and just rectify one or two concerns he has, (the hall coving, for sure), then he'll pass it and sign it off! We have a meeting with them here on Thursday morning, (Sir is working the next 2 days, else we'd have done it tomorrow!), and so look out for more news then......

The wiring jokes are still coming thick and fast - eek! The Victory Carol is almost complete!!

Almost done with the stitching on the bookmark and I expect to have it done very soon and a nice photo posted. I want to give it to the little girl I'm making it for, (a butterfly fan - like me), on Weds eve, so a pic should be on here before then. Hopefully, we'll soon be able to rededicate this blog to needle and thread matters!!!!!!=)


Susimac said...

Just caught up again with all the trails and tribulations, the bathroom looks great as does the kitchen, hope everything goes well with the man to see the trunking.

Von said...

Be sure to post your Victory Carol when it's complete. :D