Monday, 19 June 2006

WAY too much to catch up on!!

So, where are we now in the renovation chaos? Well, it was getting a bit hard to remember all the details from each day, so I'll just give a quick round up and post some photos of things as they stand tomorrow as it's too dark to get shots now and the 'finisher' comes tomorrow to ties up loose ends in the external work.

The kitchen and bathroom are essentially complete, except that the kitchen window ledge needs attention as do a few bits of filling around the room. Sealant is needed around the bath so that we can finally use that super-dooper new shower they've given us, (I tried it when doing my hair the other night), and the bath panel was damaged, so a new one is needed. The finished also will sort out the bathroom window ledge and, we hope, someone will sort out the light in there as it's not fit to be seen right now. It works, but it's just wires and not properly finished off. All the appliances are back in the kitchen, flooring is down in both that and the bathroom and all the boxes and bags of stuff that were taken out are now back in. That was quite a job! I managed to get rid of quite a lot of stuff to the convenient charity shop ('thrift store' for those who speak US English) around the corner. More going there soon....

I kidnapped the aforementioned finisher on Friday afternoon and he kindly plumbed the washing machine back in for me. Since then, I've managed to get all that needs washing done and today I tackled the huge pile of ironing that's resulted from not being able to get to anything for 2 weeks! I didn't bother with curtains though, as they may as well be pressed just before being re-hung.

Friends, Nicki, Stu and Emily came over on Saturday afternoon and helped me clear the rest of the living room shelves and they also stripped 95% of the hall wallpaper, (I plan on finishing that off tomorrow), and also about 40% of the living room paper. Martin (DH) has finished putting up the coving in the bedroom and is painting both it and the ceiling as I type. As well as getting the last bits of hall paper off tomorrow, I plan on getting a fair amount of sanding of woodwork done in the bedroom, so that we can get on with the glossing in there as soon as we can.

This evening we decided not to wait for the re-decoration grant vounchers to do the bedroom, but to get on with it and have it done as soon as we can so at least one room is fit for human habitation. I'll need to hide in that room for a while yet until the living room is made fit to look at. Honestly, one look at that mess in there and I just feel anxious and depressed!=( Anyway, even though we're doing one room ahead of arrival of any vouchers, there'll be more than enough needed to get full use out of them when they do come on the hall and living room paper and paint. We also need new coving for the hall as we thought the stuff the workmen put up was naff in the extreme.

Photos from the above mentioned work on my Webshots where the whole lot is recorded for anyone who'd like a re-cap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up-dates here tomorrow, all being well.=)

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Lili said...

Oh my! Elisabeth! You are very courageous (no choice?!...). Let's be positive: next autumn, which is the moment when most people feel like cocooning in a beautiful home, you will be able to do so!
Take care!