Tuesday, 4 July 2006

#3 - The Dog

The final one is the infamous dog portrait which I've snapped here complete with the photo from the book. I really wish this one was completed and off my conscience, (as indeed it should have been more than 2 years ago......aaaaarrrrrghhhh!!!!), but hope it soon will be. I've done next to nothing on it since it's first mention back on the very first posting on this blog. SHAME on me!=( Well, let's hope for better things in the near future. If I can make myself do half an hour in the morning of most days, then I should soon see real progress on him and have him out of the way! I'd enjoy it a lot more if it were colourful....

I tried to post an update on the wiring business the other day, but no joy as Blogger was experiencing serious difficulties. (I know it still is as I can only put in one photo per post (thus 3 posts instead of one) and you can normally add 5 medium sized pix per post....) Anyway, the people came out and we now have a letter confirming that we just need to replace the special coving in the hall, (Sir's already started on this job), and get a safety certificate from someone who can do testing, (most sparkies can't), and we're OK, they'll accept it and leave us alone. Will post the carol when, and only when we have the letter from then confirming that they have accepted the cert and signed the job off as complete and will be giving us no more hassle about it.

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