Saturday, 15 July 2006

Watch the Birdie!

Here's how the chaffinch XS piece is looking right now. Coming on beautifully, I think. I won't be doing any more on it for a little while though, as I want to take it to Germany when we go on Monday so I can work on it there. My other 2 WIPs are either too large or too 'delicate' to take, so I'll work on those over the next 50 hours and post updates over the w/e.

I decided to do the hardanger needlecase for myself whilst on the long car journey from Deilingen to Leipzig.=)

Also, just seen the preview .pdf of the next issue of 'Inspirations' and there's one of those glorious Elizabethan sweetbag designs in there called 'Flowers for Elizabeth', so I think that must go on my 'stuff to stitch for self' list!!!


Lili said...

Oh! I love your chaffinch and blossoms!
It's been a long time since I last blogged as much as I wanted to, and I am overwhelmed with delight reading all your posts I've missed!
SBQ: I think you are one of the most inspiring stitchers on the web, Elisabeth!
Enjoy your travel in Germany! I envy you for being able to stitch in the car. I get sick after 3 minutes and a half...
Lots of hugs!

Susimac said...

Your chaffinsh looks lovely.
Have a lovely time in Germany - safe journey. How can you stitch in the car, I've tried but like Lili it makes me very sick.

Lelia said...

WOW! Lovely Chaffinch project. Enjoy your trip to Germany & your hardanger ...