Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Fabric Storage

Basically, I have 2 supermarket carrier bags in the under-bed drawer on my side. One bag contains all the evenweave fabrics for counted work and the other plain/fineweaves etc for surface and raised work.

In the counted bag there are various colours of Aida, 28ct Jobelan/ evenweave, some pieces of linen and some Hardanger/Oslo fabrics for hardanger work. The fabric is quite neatly stored in there and I can see what's where at once.

In the 2nd bag are several colours of polycotton, some cotton twill type stuff, calico, various shades of felt and some silk (dupion) and organza pieces. Don't think this bag is quite as well organized as the other.

Stitch and Creative Crafts Show a week on Saturday, so I daresay that I'll be adding to the stuff I already have FAR too much of!! Yes Lili, you're right - new stash does help. It's just a problem when there's not much £$£ around and the guilt of spending money you shouldn't takes away the pleasure of stash enhancement!!!!!!!

Oh, I got Helen M Stevens' latest book through from Amazon yesterday, 'Embroidered Gardens'. It's lush! Looking forward to the next one on landscapes too, esp. as it promises to be in a similiar style to this one.=)


Barbara said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create based on your new book. ;)

Stitch or no stitch said...

What a lovely book. Looks like it will contain some very pretty patterns.
Love your Chaffinches and Blossom.