Wednesday, 2 August 2006

I'm back!

Hey! Well, here I am in the land of the blogging again after more than 2 weeks. Crumbs! I was home for 2 days last week and have been here since late Sunday this week too, but I'm totally POOPED and needed to rest. Still do actually, but I got some ironing done last night, including my WIPs so I can now show them off. Well, that would be true IF Blogger images was working, but it's on the darned blink AGAIN! Drives you mad! AAAAARRRRRGHHHH!!!

Germany - First we were in Deilingen, where my in-laws live. This is a tiny place in the Swabian Alp area. Nearest major city is Stuttgart and the local centres are Balingen and Rotweil. We were there for 2 days, then a 7 hour drive up to Lunzenau in the former GDR (East Germany), which is an hour from Leipzig. Neither Sir nor I had been there before, to the old East I mean, so that was interesting. Anyway, more on all that on my travel site, which I'm in the process of putting together. All the 'Scenes from England' shots, home photos and 'The People Album' are being moved there (it's a Yahoo 360 site) and so my Webshots and this blog will be for stitching stuff and everyday twitter only. I'll post a link to the travel and events site as soon as I'm ready for it to go public. I've been sorting out the photo albums there, plus the profile business, so there's just some more, (recent), travel and event photos to upload there and the blog to create for the last trip(s). Planning on completing that within the next week as PC access permits!!!!

I got quite a bit on the chaffinches done whilst away, well got the other bird done and some more on the plant life, (see Webshots for photo as I can't upload here today) and I did all the work pre-fabric cutting on the hardanger needlecase (again, see Webshots) during that awful long drive from Baden-Wuttemburg to Saxony. You can stitch OK on most German roads as they are in good condition and my father-in-law's car is quite a high and stable vehicle, (plus he drives decently), so car-sickness is greatly reduced. I rarely get much stitching done whilst away, so I was pleased with progress on both of these. I won't be keeping the needlecase, I promised it to my mother-in-law when I saw that she was bunging her needles in a pin-cushion. Well, at least it was a cross-stitched pin cushion!!! I also did the design for kid sis's manicure set bag on the plane . Be a while before I get to that though.

Been busy, Harsha? Nah! Haven't put in a stitch for about 10 days now and I think Sir wants me to do some 'thank-you' things for people in Lunzenau who did a lot for us last w/e etc, plus I'm wrecked but need to get the housework done, (how can you possibly rest and relax when you feel awful that your home is such a tip?), and....and....and... I NEED A HOUSEKEEPER! Any volunteers???!!!=)

Not really making goals for the month now as, looking at some stitcher's goal lists, it makes it look like a load of stress and 'I don't want to do this, but....'s, so I think I'll just say that I hope to have the chaffinches and the needlecase done as well as any small gifts for Germany and some more progress made on both the cushion and the dog. I expect both of those will be done by about the end of next month, but I'm not committing myself to anything!!!!!

If I can post photos here, there'll be updates soon and I'm now going off to get a bit more on the weaving on the needlecase cutwork done.

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Isabelle said...

It's good to see you back, Elisabeth!
Make sure you get all the rest you need! Can't wait to see your WIPs. You can use photobucket or imageshack to host photos if Blogger keeps misbehaving ;)
Take care!