Thursday, 7 September 2006

Re-start of renovation works!

Hi guys! 6 comments from this morning's posting already, WOW! Thanks for all the lovely responses to the finishes on the posting below.

So, who remembers the major home renovations from June? Well, they got frozen for about 2½ months, but now that Sir has all but finished his MA dissertation, (just checking and proof-reading to do), he's about to get on with the living room. We're having guests arriving in 9 days' time and, as that is our 'guest bedroom', it needs to be a bit better than it is. Have a look at what we've been looking at for the past 11 weeks or thereabouts! That along with several packed boxes, bags and half laden, dusty shelves as there was no point in putting stuff back beyond what was needed to use the dining table (and stop it collapsing under the weight of so many books!). So, the fact that it should be totally re-done including new carpet in just over a week is a nice thought.

Then the bedroom, re-painting the kitchen and bathroom, painting and papering the hall.... No danger of life getting boring around here, huh?

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Von said...

Best of luck as you get on with your renovations! It'll be wonderful when you're done. :D