Monday, 11 September 2006

The weekend's WIPs

Eye-eye! Here's a close-up of the dog's eyes, (although I hope that was obvious!!) I'd done the eyes proper back in July, but put in the lids and the lower surrounds over the weekend. It's getting very crowded stitch-wise in that area! I'm glad to say that the next bit of the dog is to fill in the gaps in the forehead more or less down to the eyes and that is less intense. I can even do it in artificial light, as long as I make sure the colours are selected first.

I wanted to get all the satin stitching finished on the cushion and might have done so, but that I met the frog again! I put one element one line too far over and had to take it and the three that had been measured from it out. Not as bad as having to remove about three quarters of your work, like last time with this one, but a shame just the same. Hope to get it done today as well as the cable stitching around the four large white diamonds. The green back-stitching will take a while as there's a lot of it and I dread to think about the beading....

Oh, for the day these 2 are FINISHED! 'Happy dance' won't be in it! It'll be champagne breakfasts all around and a major street party!


Isabelle said...

All that satin stitching is sooo lovely! and your work on the eyes is very impressive.

Kali said...

Both pieces look great! I love the colors on the cushion