Monday, 27 November 2006

Two Animals

Look what my friend, Katy, stitched for me:

Isn't he fantastic? It's Margaret Sherry's 'Cat-a-cello', (although I reckon it's more of a double bass....), and I think he's absolutely delightful and am thrilled to bits with him.=)

Here's the latest on the dog too:

Hoping (probably against hope) to have him done in another 2 weeks. Might make it, might not, but as that will take me to the 10th and I need to have cards ready for 14th and 16th, I would like to be able to get one finished and then press on with the others.

It's only 09:20, but I've already blitzed around doing the cleaning and am just about to get some work stuff prepared for class tomorrow, then it's on with the bow-wow's nose. I started it last night, but took it out again as I don't think it would have worked well that way. Need to finish the entire nose part and close up that whole gap by Friday in order to be done on time.


Isabelle said...

Oh, I love that design, I have it in my stash and would like to stitch for my brother... some day (he plays the cello).
As for the doggie - hang in there! He'll soon be done and you'll be so proud of you.
Bonne journée !

Dawn said...

They both look great!!

Jo in NZ said...

The dog piece is fantastic. Beautiful work.