Monday, 1 January 2007

The saga continues.....

Seems like everyone is doing a review of their finishes during the year, so here's mine:

Cross stitch:
4 Cards - 10th & 20th wedding anniversaries, a wedding and DH's graduation card
2 Bookmarks - Victorian Pansies and Butterflies and Buddleia, (I've put 'nutterflies' on my Webshots!!!!), plus finishing up 1 more bookmark and 2 needlecases.
1 Picture - Chaffinches and Blossom. Blue-tits small picture to be part of a cushion almost completed.

1 Card, 3 bookmarks, a needlecase and finished up the cushion, (stitching on which done during the previous year). I also did one VS counted thread design with hardanger sections etc and got about 50% of another cushion done.

Freestyle etc:
1 card and 2 pictures - 1 carried over from '05. Also did a lot of stitching on the dog, which has been going since late Dec '03 and is still not finished.

All of the above, except the XS picture which is for our bedroom, have been given away. Only 16 items in total, as well as 7 carried over from '05 or to' 07.


Maria said...

Hi! I like your blog. You have done very beautiful cross-stitches and embroidery!

Maria (

Von said...

Happy New Year, Elisabeth!! You and Sir have certainly been busy working on your bedroom. I know it'll be so very worth all the effort and disruption. :)

Dawn said...

You did a great job on your finishes this year. You are a wonderful sitcher.

Happy New Year