Monday, 26 February 2007

GAST has landed!

Yum! Got 15 skeins of GAST in the post today as an extra from my CSF Secret Sister.
Far too tired to think of anything more interesting to write today as I'm still sleeping very badly and am, frankly, fit to drop. Waaaah!


Isabelle said...

Sorry to hear you're still sleeping so badly, Elisabeth. I can feel your misery. (((((hugs)))))) I'm blowing goodnight kisses across the Channel for you! Je te souhaite une douce, une bonne, une longue nuit, chère Elisabeth.

Tannia said...

Valerian is a good herbal remedy for insomnia or bad sleeping patterns....takes a while to build up, but should help!

I can't wait to see the finished cushion :) That was a lot of beads!

bunnyhead said...

Those threads sure do look yummy. I can't wait to see your hardanger :)

Meari said...

Yummy is right! Sorry to hear you're having problems sleeping.