Monday, 26 March 2007

Almost there.....

The bellpull is almost finished now. This is the last WIP shot (click on it to see more detail), the next photo will be one when it's all done and bellpull ends are in place. As you can see (better from the full sized pic), most of the work is done now and I just have to do the filling stuff on the top section plus the second row of 3 big squares and the centre of the star-type thing near the bottom. All of it is the same kind of stitch - Greek Cross filling. Will do that this evening and hope to get the bellpull ends tomorrow sometime.

Nothing else of note to report really, just working and other normal life kinda dull stuff!!


Isabelle said...

Oh, that's so pretty, Elisabeth! You are so talented.

Sew-in-Love said...

Nah, I'm not talented. I've just developed a few skills over the years and have the one thing most needed for success in needlework (and most other things): The ability to follow instructions!!!!

lena-lou said...

This looks so pretty, I think you are very talented as a needlewoman :-)

Laren said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. The whitework looks beautiful. I am always impressed by people who have the courage to do all that needlework and then cut the fabric! ;-)