Saturday, 7 April 2007

Nearly through with Cataflute

Here's how he
looks right now ->

Not far to go, just the est of the top-stitching to put in. I decided, in the interests of time saving, that I would drop the music stand, thus its non-appearance (for those who are familiar with the design). I've come to the conclusion that I like Margaret Sherry's designs, but they're really quite dull and a bit of a nuisance to stitch. The amount of fractionals - including vertically and horizontally splitting stitches - that are in this is just a pain in the neck, so I've removed her from my wish list and doubt I'll ever do Catafiddle for myself!! If I run out of things to stitch and get desperate, then perhaps I will, but I can't see that, can you??!! Should be able to post the finished Cataflute tomorrow evening. It'll be finished in the nick of time, methinks!

Still recovering slowly, and it is slowly. I obviously still have an infection, but I have reason to beliave that it's been bubbling away in my system at the very least for 3 months before this crescendo (brought on by all the dental work of late). It's possible that, given about 10 mysterious 'viral' epiosodes I've had since August 2005, it's all been the same thing and has been an issue under the surface (most of the time) for well over 18 months already! I suspect I'll need more Penicillin, but I've had to quite the mouthwash as my stomach was becoming upset and I felt sick at the thought of using the wash. Sometimes you just have to trust your intuition - the body knows best what it likes and dislikes!! So, I'm just using the anti-bacterial type of Listerine instead and will see what the Doc says. Will almost certainly need to be seen on Tuesday, but if it brings this 19-20 months of roller coaster health to a better level, then I don't mind one bit.


Vonna said...

Your little cat project looks cute as a button...I'm ever so hopeful that you soon will feel much better :)

Isabelle said...

It is pretty, so pretty, Elisabeth! I have the same love/hate relationship with those designs. I just love to look at them, but they can be quite a pain to stitch!

I do hope you'll feel much better soon. (((hugs)))

coonie said...

I will echo Isabelle's comment, they are lovely but what a pain to stitch!

Hope you feel better soon