Tuesday, 15 May 2007

I SewandSo-ed

Stash, stash, lovely stash! Got a great haul in from SewandSo this morning:

This is the most recent release in their lovely British Birds collection. I've already done the Chaffinches and bought the Bluetits and Seedheads one a while back too. They're to be done in co-ordinating frames and hung in the bedroom along that big, blank back wall. I also got 9 skeins of Marlitt rayon thread, (only a few left to collect now...), 2 of Lamé, a bright white stranded cotton, which I ran out of after Cataflute and a ball of #8 pearl cotton in cream for use on 28ct cream quaker cloth sampler type thingies.

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Donna said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I love stumpwork also, I find it a challenge to use my imagination and come up with different ideas for projects or classes. Good luck on your detox.. I'm sure you will feel great again. It soulds like something I should do too.