Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Waterlily now done and on with the damselfly

Ooof, this one is taking some time and uuumph! Only I could change projects so as to simplify and end up doing something far harder! Other folk would have more sense.... Anyway, here's what the waterlily looks like now. The water is done with Madeira silk, which is much thicker and far less glossy as it's twisted. The pinks are a little less red in reality, but I took the picture under my daylight lamp rather than in real daylight!!!!

When I came in this evening, I was half amused at the state of the living room, esp. my working corner. Just look at how much stuff is on hand to do one little damselfly stumpwork!! Ridiculous!

The groom's sister has now got her/our present for the wedding and is delighted with it. I'm sure he'll be thrilled with it as well as baby sister did so much of it.=) As soon as he sees it, he'll know I helped her, but naturally he'll be more interested in her portion of it. Rats!!!!!!!LOL!

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