Thursday, 22 November 2007

Didn't spend as much this time....

So, after blowing a good £70 at the last show only about 6 weeks ago, I was a really good girl and didn't part with much more £20 this time.=) I think that everything I bought is actually for the branches card. Even though the GAST & WDWs skeins and the Kreinik cord I got were more 'I like those' and collection builders, I've since realised how useful the 'bark' colour will be on making the tree proper look realistic and that the other might well come in handy too, but we shall see! The card blank also arrived today, along with some re-stockers in other sizes and colours.

Anyway, here are today's buys:

3 balls of Anchor pearl cotton #8 in tree brown shades, one each of WDW, GAST and Kreinik, a peice of gold kid to make a saxophone out of and a piece of gold-ish silk to make the octagonal door plate out of. The real office name plate is a gold colour with lettering in black, so I wanted this one to be similar. I also got a bunch of keys charm to either hang off one of the branches or appear in the 'lost property box' under the tree. Either way, it'll save a bit of work.

I also enjoyed looking at info about various stitching and textile related courses, such as City & Guilds and the display of A Level work from a local school. I hope I get a reply from the local art college about their Textile Design A Level soon, as this is really much more my thing than teaching. Oh, met the new teacher yesterday and gave her copies of everything we've done in class so far and so on. She has no experience of teaching Chinese, but she has done other subjects, (including English to Chinese people - and she is Chinese), and has a fair idea of what sort of work is involved and also a keen and willing to learn attitude. Although someone with more experience would have been better, I think she'll make a good job of it in time.=) She's very enthusiastic and excited about it all in a way I never could be, so that's just got to be good for the students.

We're going away now until Monday and I'm taking my cross stitch with me, so hope I'll have something to report back on there soon! At least with work soon to take up SO much less of my time, strength and attention, there'll be much more time for creative pursuits.

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