Wednesday, 16 January 2008

"Branches" is done!

There were times when I thought I would never see the end of this one, but here it is completed. Fanfare please:

Later on I'll post it to my Webshots along with close-up pics of many of the individual elements. I'm still not au fait with Photoshop Elements, so this is not the best of pics. It seems to bleach out at the edges, esp. the lower one when you lighten the picture. Still, must be done as it looks awful when flash is used on it!

Click on the image for a better picture, (except I've just noticed a stray piece of thread under the branch the bird's on!!).

All that remains now is to deliver it and to make the inserts. I discovered that the paper I had that I was going to use was creased and unusable for this last night, so I'll have to risk doing part of it where it's future owner may see, but I've already thought of a cover story, (one that's true as well....)

Later on: All done and delivered. His nibs was out today, so I could show it off in safety and didn't have to keep a look-out!! Now then, I'm about to enter it in the Hobbycraft Big Arts and Crafts Challenge. The winners are to be decided by vote after the judges have picked a shortlist of 20 entries, so I'll post the link to the voting if I get through and then, if you think mine is the best (and I hope you will!), please vote for me! I could win £250 of vouchers for art and craft things! Their prices are high, but who cares if it's free, huh?


Dawn said...

It's gorgeous!! Great job:)

Chiasmata said...

Congrats on the finish! The card looks wonderful, and utterly unique. You couldn't want for a better gift. I hope it goes well in the show!

Emily said...

Fabulous finish! And good luck for the competition! Fingers crossed!

JK said...

Hi Elisabeth, I have not had a chance to pop over this week, and WOW! That piece is gorgeous!! I love the three dimensional look in embroidery, and you have it mastered.

Yep, I think we are eight hours behind you and when you are waking up, we are just getting ready to hit the sack. Although sometimes I am on a roll with my stitching and hate to put it down, so end up going to bed later then usual.

Have a good weekend darlin..

Stitcher said...

I think this is great, and love the Yorkshire Rose

Mylene said...

WOW! That is a work of art!! WEll done.
Thanks so much for dropping by otherwise i haven't been for a look here.
HAve a nice weekend.

Lisa said...

The tree is gorgeous! I just love all the things you put on the branches. I'm sure he will love this gift!

I will be watching for the link to vote for you piece. :o)

Lili said...

It's amazing!
And so is that lab that took you so long: complete success, Elisabeth! Congratulations!
Take care,

Jane said...

Lovely work, think it's great.

I've nominated your blog for a 'Make my Day' award.

See you soon, jane

Jeanne said...

What a great original piece. I love all the personal touches.

Good luck in the competition!