Sunday, 24 February 2008

Finished the Goldwork, plus other updates

I can't believe it's really been over a week since the last posting, but it has! I've had the worst head cold I'd ever experienced this week. My throat was that bad when I woke up on Tuesday morning that I actually thought I had tonsillitis! Anyway, it's 'just' been a bad head cold, but not fun. I haven't done a lot of stitching, but here's the goldwork dragonfly completed and a photo 'across' the piece, which seems to show the glittery aspect of it up better. I quite understand why Pierrette felt her goldwork photos didn't do her lovely work credit recently, it is SO hard to get the shimmer to show. On this piece, I also have the coloured part done in very shiny rayons, so it really has lost a lot in translation, so to speak.

I've been working on getting the 'Child of Spring' piece sewn up into a cushion/pillow cover, but am not too happy with it. I've only actually sewn the top and bottom red pieces on. DH thinks the red is too near to the pattern and that there's not enough border, but having already unpicked it once, I'm not keen on having to do it all again, so I'm thinking about adding some small white motifs around the edge of the red near the pattern, or stitching on some other sort of white border. What say you, ladies?

This is the current status on the 'Bluetits and Seedheads' cross stitch. Haven't touched it for weeks, but there was more to show than the last picture.

Thanks to Chiasmata and Pierrette (links on left hand side to both their blogs) for my 3rd and 4th 'You Make My Day' awards, and today is the deadline for submissions for the Hobbycraft Big Arts and Crafts challenge that I entered 'Branches' for. When the Hobbycraft judges have picked the final 20 per age category, (kids, teenagers and adults), then the public voting will open on 2 March. If I've made it that far, I will post the link as promised and hope to get one of the 3 prizes!=) Not that I need any more art and craft supplies, but winning would be lovely.=)


Jeanne said...

The dragonfly is gorgeous!

As for Child of Spring, I think you can leave the red where it is, but the edges definitely need a bit of "softening" with some white embroidery. That's a great idea! With just the red, the contrast is a bit too stark, and attention is drawn away from the stitching. How much red border are you planning to have? If it's not a wide border, perhaps the red won't be as eye-catching as it is in this photo.

I hope you're feeling better soon!

LovetoStitch99 said...


Sorry to hear that you have been feeling so bad. I haven't had a cold or flu for ages now. Better touch some wood :-)

I love your goldwork dragonflies. They really look wonderful on that fabric. that color fabric makes them stand out.

Pierrette =^..^=

Chiasmata said...

The dragonfly looks amazing. I can only image how much better it looks in real life.

I certainly agree that the red cushion needs a little something. Some edging or embellishments would turn down that red a bit.

tkdchick said...

Your dragonfly is just fantastic! I agree with your hubby on the pillow. Even a nice white piping/cording or somehting would help to break it up!

Sandra said...

I agree with all the previous comments, the dragonfly is just stunning, and I think perhaps the red border does need toning down a touch, perhaps with a bit of white lace or ric rack braid.

Doris said...

the dragonfly is amazing,i like the colors of the backgorund and the stitches.

about the cushions,,i think the girls are right,a litle border of white to break the read.

i like yor finish and embroidery,they are really beauty.

i hope you do feel better :D

Maria del Valle said...

Hi Elisabeth!!
Your dragonfly is a very beautiful embroidery dear friend!!! Also I think: adding some small white motifs around the edge, perhaps looks very well!
A kiss

Stitcher said...

I love your dragonfly. With the cushion, I agree definately something on the red to soften it up, at the moment it's a bit too .....stark, mmmm maybe that's not the right word. Looking forward to see what you decide.

Von said...

Looks like we have a consensus here regarding CoS. The red is so strong that it does overpower the delicate embroidery. Some lace or ribbon or white embroidery to frame CoS will make the whole project really spectacular. :D

Feather on a Wire said...

That dragon fly is wonderful/