Monday, 4 February 2008

Mmmmmmmmm, nice day at home.


Oh, how nice it is just to have a day at home! Got the place cleaned, did the washing, made out a proper shopping list (instead of a quick brainstorm on the hoof), read for a while, had a nice lunch as well as a homemade carrot, apple and lime juice this morning and did some needlework this afternoon whilst listening to parts of 'Wives and Daughters' and 'Anne of Green Gables' on tape. Lovely! A clean home, no dirty dishes, no ironing (I did it last Friday) and some stitching done. Some might say that I'm wasting myself, someone with an education like mine just being a stay at home, but, sorry, I'm quite content! There'll be more going on later on when I get a bit stronger, but I intend to enjoy the 'taking it easy' phase and, when I have to go and lay down, I'll be doing lots of reading I wouldn't normally have that much chance for. Looking forward to that too! That's the one thing I hold against stitching, I can't read at the same time!!! Glad we have so many classic novels on tape and CD.=)

First I took the dark red fabric off the 'Child of Spring' piece that I'd sewn on (badly) in Hamburg back in October. I didn't feel that the dark shade went well enough with the design anyway and I'd put one of the pieces on wonky. Don't seem to have enough bright red to do for the whole job now, so must wait to get some until Wednesday. I was rather pleased about that as I didn't fancy that job this afternoon! Will post a pic of that another time as it was badly creased and light's fading now.

Over the last couple of days I've been doing some more on the half stitching on the bluetits piece. Seems mad to be getting on with the background, but the third and largest bird of the three in this pic isn't joined to any of the other cross stitching, so I needed to put some background in so that I didn't put him in the wrong place! It's too easy to get the count wrong at the best of times and with the easiest of fabrics, (ie. Aida), but this is 28ct Jobelan, so I could even get him half a block out!! You can even see a little of the outline of where he will be at the bottom right of the block I've done.
<-Here's how they're looking just now.


Chiasmata said...

I completely understand the joys of a quiet day at home! I'm such a home body myself. The bluetits are looking so sweet. I'm always, always cautious about starting a section which isn't attached to anything. I don't trust my counting in the slightest. On Northern Dignity I stitched quite a sizeable chuck of the goat before I realised I was half a thread off... there's no fudging a mistake like that!

crazyQstitcher said...

So beautiful. I wish I had both the eyesight and patience to create such a lovely piece of work.

Mylene said...

Your progresss on bluetits are looking great.
Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog lately.
Hope you are having a good week.

Doris said...

beautiful work :D

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful! Can you send me the iinfo to join the "Fine Embroidery"? I would love to join your web ring. Thank you.

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