Tuesday, 11 March 2008

More Books and Background Stitching

Got another nice package from Amazon UK this morning.=) It was really hard to make myself finish what I was doing before I let myself have a good look through these, esp this one.->
Yes, we're going to Taiwan from 23 March to 14 April. I should still be able to post from there, (esp. some photos of Chinesey things etc!), but won't have as free access to a PC etc as I do at home, so if I can do one post per week, I'll be content with that. Looking forward to lots of good food, great shopping, seeing friends again after 10 years and lots of language practice as well! The only regret I have is that I can't take my viola!=( Might be able to hire one locally, or someone may have a violin I could use, so I'll put my shoulder rest etc in just in case. Speaking of 'case', we went to Matalan yesterday and bought 2 new suitcases and some clothes for the trip. I'll be at Primark tomorrow morning seeing what else I can grab and no doubt Clarks soon too to get some shoes that are fit to be seen, (a constant problem for me with my wide toes.....)

Also got <- this book, which is a fantastic combination of goldwork and stumpwork. Again, I've snapped a few of the projects (not all of them) so that anyone interested can get a look at more of what's inside than the cover gives away. Often those 'Search Inside!' features at Amazon aren't that much use either as it only shows the intro chapter and you rarely get to look at the projects!

What else have I been doing? Well, not as much stitching as I would have liked, but I have at least almost finished the half stitching for the bluetits background. I want to get this totally done before we fly off and take the goldfinches (which I intend to start on the main flight!!) with me. I also want to get that cushion finally sewn up and there are 3 more cards needed - 2 ribbon and 1 hardanger, so nothing too long-winded. I also want to get the whole flat (apartment, for those who don't speak British!!) thoroughly cleaned out and all my errands and mail caught up on, so lots to do over the next 12 days......

We went to a games etc party on Saturday evening, which was one of those 'bring a dish' arrangements (as they usually are with our bunch), and this was my contribution. I don't usually take photos of food, but I was so pleased with how this worked out, I couldn't resist!

Thanks for the nice comments on my failing to get through to the voting round in the Hobbycraft competition, BTW! I confess, I've almost forgotten all about it now!!! Maybe I'll do a spectacular bit of stumpwork or something for next year's comp!!!


Doris said...

I hope you have a pleasant trip, which a lot of wonderful moments: D

Regarding books, bellisimo!

And the vegetables are very attractive ;)

The only Asian country to which I have traveled has been japan, but not talk japannese. i use to communicated the English, but is not the same thing.

Von said...

Excitement must be running high at your house with a trip to Taiwan in the works!! Have fun with all the planning and packing. I'm looking forward to seeing your pics and hearing all about your adventures. :D

Jeanne said...

That book looks incredible! Thanks for sharing.

Love the creative veggie tray, too! :-)

Deepa said...

Lovely Blog..and great stitching too..
Have a great trip to Taiwan!!!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thank you for the peek inside "All that Glitters"! It is going on my wish list for sure thanks to these pictures.

Elmsley Rose said...

Thankyou for the pics - some of the projects looks ..... *dribble*

(yes, I have been on Amazon trying to get a Look Inside!)