Friday, 30 May 2008

Boxes arrived from Taiwan!

At 5:30 yesterday afternoon the intercom went and 'Parcel Force' was declared to be the culprit. I thought, 'I'm not expecting anything except....' and went to the door. I looked over the balcony-thingy to see a brave postie lugging in 2 white and green Taiwanese postal boxes!=) I've put the language related stuff on the 'Polyglot' blog and just saved the textiles stuff for here, so here goes:

First up we have the fanciest of the fabrics I got out there. These are to be made into little bags/purses like those in this photo, which you might remember I posted whilst I was actually in Taiwan.

Below are the cotton fabrics, both Taiwanese and Japanese.

Here are the trimmings - mostly ribbon-type things to trim up the little bags and zip-pull things and tiny fans and butterflies to put on the zips to make the whole thing more special and oriental looking. When I finally get chance to get some of these made up and ready for sale, they'll be advertised on Etsy with a note saying 'Materials personally sourced in the Far East'!!!

These are the sheer fabrics I also got. I don't know why I bought the red and gold one, but the other 5 are more for stumpwork than any sewing and/or patchwork projects. They're either actually organza, or something very like it.


Plays with Needles said...

Aren't windfalls wonderful? I was happy for you that you got to buy yourself some treats. I had a fabulous time touring your blog this afternoon. I especially love that doggie that you stitched. Did you ever name him? My second fave was the pics of you playing the viola in concert. Bravo!

Chiasmata said...

Now *that's* some stash! The fancy fabrics you bought are just to die for. I love those vibrant colours. It looks like you had a heap of fun shopping in Taiwan. Have fun putting together those little bags!

Stitchingranny said...

See honesty does pay.

What a fantastic collection of fabrics.

Emily said...

Grats on all your goodies! :) They look fun.