Thursday, 7 August 2008

New hardanger in progress

Thought I'd just post what I'd done (during the first 2 days' work, whilst I've also still been ill and not able to work on it for very long at any one time) on the current hardanger cushion/pillow project. This is the central diamond. There are some coloured bits to do as well, but I need to do a discreet colour match with a certain sofa, hopefully this evening, so that I can decide which thread to use for best results - I think the terracotta one that came with the kit will be too dark. Also, I've decided to do the leaf elements in green, not cream, to warm the whole thing up a bit and add a splash more colour. Hope to have more to show on Monday when you'll be able to see the weekend's work. Seems to work well posting on Mondays and Thursdays at the mo.

Of course, this now means that I have 3 large WIPs! Eeek! I always limited it to 2 and now I'm at 3. Still, it couldn't be helped under the circumstances. I also got the Caron threads through for the next project and tried to get a photo of them, but the colours didn't come out well and I just couldn't adjust them to show their full glory. I've got 'Iced Lavendar', which is a glorious mix of pale pink and lilac.


Petra said...

Beautiful start Elisabeth!

Doris said...

yes, is a beautiful start ;)

Stitchingranny said...

Sorry Elizabeth I am playing catch up once again.

You have made excellent progress on both the cushion and on Silver Frost. You work differently to me as I usually start at the top on a design like that. Also now you have said you got the threads for your next project I am inquisitive to know what that will be. I love the variety in your work.

Hope you are feeling well again soon.