Thursday, 14 August 2008

Quick 'Hi!'

Oooof! What a busy week! Not got as much done as I wanted cushion-wise, but I have done the first part of the border on the cushion and started the 2nd. Will update with photo on Monday afternoon as we're away until Sunday night now. Hope to get something more done in the evenings over the weekend. The project is 'due' next week, but I fear it will be late...

I had to ask a friend to be a personal referee for me for an employment agencies' requirements. I told him they'd just 'phone him up and check there was no danger of my pilfering hadbags. He replied that there was more danger I'd embroider their bags than steal from them!!!=)


NCPat said...

Great progress! It takes time to create these beautiful pieces--you are moving along, and, good luck with the job hunting!

Lisa said...

This needlework is just beautiful. So delicate and perfect.