Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Current Sample Progress

Well, it's not strictly speaking the current sample, rather one that should have been done last November and that's when I did the artwork for it, but I'll show that when the piece is finished and I do my usual display of all pix from design inspiration to finished sample.

It's sample #9 and is not yet finished. In fact, you can't even see all of it here, just the part I've been working on - the leaves on the tree, autumnal to match the season as it was started. The background is painted with ordinary fabric paint, as is the main part of the tree, which I then brought forward by stitching in both dark and light bits. Although it's part of the colour module, (thus the painting and also the use of WDW and GAST threads), this is meant to be one of the manipulated fabric technique samples. You can't see any of that so far, but there is a bird table to be added as a hard slip and I decided to do some of the piles of leaves on the ground as small soft slips as the stones I painted to add on would really look out of place, (although I might prepare one or two to see if they could fit at all).

As mentioned above, this is sample #9 and this week will be #24, so you get some idea of how far behind I am! Having said that, #10 & #11 are done and #12 is in progress and there's artwork done for #13, #17 and #20.

Just started volume 2 of 'The Doctor's Wife' and, yes, I urgently want to slap that idiot girl!! Anyone who's read it, (or 'Madame Bovary') will understand why!


Mary Corbet said...

Very nice! I love the colors - perfect for spring!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Lovely. Very effective use of stitches. Safe journey to Germany.

Stitchingranny said...

mmm interesting I will look forward to seeing more.

Have a wonderful weekend away.

Wanda said...

don't worry about being behind...it all gets done!

image stitching said...

Awesome! Love the color combination.