Thursday, 5 March 2009

Music exam today!

So, I took my Grade 3 Theory of Music exam this tea-time and was pleased that, amongst all the kids doing that grade, there was another adult - a 40-something looking chap who sat behind me and who I was sorry not to get a chance to have a post-mortem with afterwards. I managed all the questions OK, but realised on the way home that I'd wrongly identified one of the performance directions in the last section. Not badly wrongly, I got some of it right, but not right enough for full marks, so I doubt a 100% score will be mine this time either. I got 98% for my Grade 2 and DH said I might have to take Grade 1 if I want to get 100% on one of them!!

My desk partner, (were we cramped together in that room, or what?), was a kid doing his Grade 5, but he didn't really seem to know many of the answers and did more fidgetting than anything. I saw a few of the questions on his paper and felt glad that I'd decided not to take any more theory exams for a good while yet! There seems quite a jump between Grades 3 and 4 and I really have too much on - esp. being so behind with college work - to take on anything more at the moment.

No stitching to showcase at the mo as I just haven't done any lately. I tried something with silk paints last week - working on a college sample I was keen to do as it was a nice idea and one I could do without needing to ask for any more details etc - but it went horribly and irretrievably wrong. Basically, both the silver and clear guttas (resists) that I'd used let paint through and the whole thing was just ruined beyond repair! The bottles of gutta had way too large openings to be able to apply direct to the fabric (silk habotai) and the clear one even had a sharp bit on it that would have ripped the silk! So, I had to use a small paintbrush to apply it, which I did with great care and making sure there were no gaps. After it dried, I started to wet the sky area as I thought to dilute that a bit, but noticed that it was bleeding badly into the main design - the Taj Mahal. I let the fabric dry again and painstakingly and plentifully re-applied the gutta only to discover that I may as well have not bothered with it at all as every single line bled! I was livid! I haven't sent them yet, but the 2 bottles are going back as they don't work and the applicators are very poor quality, and I'll include my ruined work as proof. Over 2 hours work there totally wasted!=(

Post Zusammenfassung in Deutsch:

Kürzlich hab' ich meine Musiktheorie Prüfung gemacht. Es geht so. Ich nicht es 100%-ig richtig gemacht, aber soll ziemlich gut sein. Es war die dritte Stufe und für die zweite hab' ich 98% gekriegt.=)

Keine Stickerei hab' ich auch gemacht, aber im Moment hab' ich eine Virusinfektion, oder so was, und hab' ich natürlich keinen Bock irgend etwas außer lesen zu tun. Mein Stickereikursarbeit geratet mehr und mehr in Verzug und hoffe ich am Donnerstag etwas mit meiner Lehrerin zu arrangieren. Vielleich könnte ich das Texturmodul nächstes Jahr fertig machen. Ich würde sehr gern bald mit einem Hardangerkissen anfangen und auch einige einfachen Kreuzstich und Bandstickerei Bilde sticken. Hoffentlich....


Von said...

My sister in Boise has been trying to find a job for six months now with no luck. She's been a sahm for 19 years, but has volunteered many many hours at the Christian school her kids have attended. Now facing college tuitions, she's hoping to find something at the college. Luckily, like you, she's very frugal and they don't really need for her to work at this point.

In the coming years we'll be having three kids in college at the same time and I'm wondering what my situation will be. Guess that's a bridge I'll cross when I get there. :)

I'm sure you did well on your theory test, you'll see. :)

Doris said...

one task done, the theory test.
i hope your immune system will strengthen soon.
a coworker has been for a year to Japan with his wife and newborn daughter, with the economy so bad, we can not reject these things, the wife had to leave his job. These are complex decisions.
I hope quue the dark clouds go away soon and that everything will be better

Sparklyjools said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks so much for signing up to my blog, I've enjoyed catching up with yours and I'm sure you'll do well in your theory exam. I really sympathise about the job/life situation, I went through a black time a while ago, and made some major life changes. I'm poorer, but glad to say happier now, I hope everything will fall into place for you.

BTW, I'm sure I recognise the lovely goldfinch picture - Stitchin Fingers by any chance?
Jules x

Sheilasembroidery said...

Sounds as if you should do well in your exam, I'm sure you will. Work/Life balance sounds about right to me, full time work may set you back.Hope all goes well next year and BG, I often work late at night, but most often early in the morning when I can't sleep! Thanks for commenting.

Wanda said...

I recently quit working after a melt-down myself. I downgraded myself a couple of years ago and then completely stopped working 7 months ago. You have enough...probably too much...going on as it is...please FORCE yourself to look around and see things. Smell the roses, to write an over-used but understood saying. Please let go....go splash in the rain puddles, feed the ducks on the pond, pick wildflowers, lay in the driveway and look at the stars...whatever. Because some people never learn to do it and the meltdown becomes a way of life and then....well, just imagine that life!