Sunday, 26 April 2009

Decisions, decisions!

I've decided that, as far as my current C&G work goes, I'll just be finishing this module, which will then go in to the end of year displays at the college, then I think that will be it for me for the time being. I couldn't really help it, but I'm so far behind and have so much on this summer that I can't envisage myself getting up to date without neglecting something more crucial. Also, as many know, we're going to Taiwan for a year or so in late August and we have to put our worldly goods must into storage and get a new place when we get back, which may very well not be at all conveniently located to get to the Harrogate bus route. College in 2010/1 may be impractical. I've talked to my teacher now and she agrees to just take it as it comes, esp. as the college is going over to the new C&G syllabus (Creative Techniques suite) quite soon, so I may join back then. We shall see. Anyway, I've learned heaps and am glad I did it. I'll post the last 2 samples as I complete them and the artwork for the samples I won't get to now and leave it there for the time being. Maybe I'll do a level 1 stumpwork cert before that shuts down too, but we'll see. Much depends on how finances are on our return.


Doris said...

Lamento que tu arrendador no permita que alguien se quede en casa por ese año.
Ojalá el año en Taiwan sea muy bueno, y que genera muchos buenos momentos. Y que al regresar todo vaya a mejor.

Von said...

You have a busy time ahead of you! I'm glad that you're wrapping up the C&G classes so that your beloved hobby can once again be a part of your destressing!