Thursday, 21 May 2009

End of Year Exhibition

I've just got back from College where I had the pleasure of looking at all the work that's been produced this year by the City & Guilds class. The 2nd and 4th years had their own displays, whilst the work of the 1st and 3rd years was part in dedicated areas and part mixed in with the larger displays. It was very impressive! I only had one display board that, perhaps owing to my having been unable to go to help set up on Monday, got put in a corner rather than on the wall, but it was good to have something there at least!!

Here's Alison, one of the two 4th years, with her display of assessment pieces and design work:

This is the table holding many of the 3rd years' portfolios containing their History of English Embroidery, 3 other country studies and design research work based on a personal theme, which included fruit & veg, bark, ferns and dragonflies.

Here are two of the 2nd years' displays showing their assessment pieces and the design and sampling work that went with them.

This is Felicity with her 2nd year work display. She did the loveliest little stumpwork cube, which you can see bottom right with the sides let down.

The next three pictures are mostly 1st year work showing both purpose done wall displays and also many of the boxes, portfolios and handmade folders that design and sampling work was presented in. You can see mine in the corner of the second photo.

Sorry about the quality - the camera I'm using is very poor indeed and I'm looking forward to getting my new one soon!

I saw one or two of the visitors' comments that they'd put in the guestbook at the entrance and it was nice to be part of a group described as 'local talent'.=) Most of that rightly goes to the other ladies though. My part was the smallest in the whole class and didn't even get my name put on it (=(), but I rectified that by adding one of my own cards to it!!

I also picked up a leaflet describing the new course and it sounds quite good - well put together and in a sensible order. The whole structure has changed almost beyond recognition, but I think I could manage to do the 7113 certificate in the future. At least now I have a much clearer idea of what's expected and that will be a big help!


Doris said...

Is always a pleasure to see samples of creativity.Thank you for sharing this moments.

Wanda said...

Such a wonderful display. The opportunity to display one's work is really special. Your samples are beautiful...very strong.

Jane said...

Great display Elizabeth. Sounds like you did have fun with this in the end. Thanks for the comment over on treasure ship. Glad it's done and I can just sit back and admire it now.
Very envious of your travel plans, hope you enjoy it. Sure we'll 'speak' before you go.

Anonymous said...

Your blogis gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Katherine CB forum Australia